Aimless Weekend

It's a four-day Memorial Day weekend, and both of us are off balance. No discernible reason, expect it's possible that PMS is taking a bit of a bite. Yesterday we seemed to spend the entire day sniping at one another. It would go underground for a few hours and then one of us would explode about an absurdly minor issue. Today is a bit calmer, but we still feel somewhat directionless.

It doesn't help that Rolling Thunder is in town and it makes it difficult to go out and do things. However, we should be able to make it to the pharmacy and grocery store without running in to too much traffic. If we can get the motivation to do even that.

Yesterday, we stopped by Whole Foods and picked up a bone-in roast and a buffalo steak for dinner. Neither of us had the motivation to cook either item, so we're having them for dinner tonight. I don't know if I will like the buffalo steak, but though it was worth trying. This morning, I dragged myself and the dog out to the part for a long walk. I was successful in exhausting the dog. She passed out in front of the fireplace on her blanket. After the run she had this morning, it may take her two days to recover. In addition to getting to play off leash, she was able to wade in the creek. In a couple months, the water will be too dangerous to let her go in. Some parasite or algae grows and is poisonous to dogs, but it is still early enough in the season to let her play.

I'm babbling. I hope that I'll feel better soon.


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