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I'm hitting major writer's block in regards to my job application. I have two of the seven essays completed. I've been working on the third, but it seems as if I can't focus. As a response, I thought that I would blog for a moment.

The New York Times has carried two excellent articles related to mental illness over the past couple of days. The first one discusses an implement to treat drug resistant depression. It's still in the testing phase and is extremely expensive, but the anecdotes from the article sound promising.

The second article is a discussion of whether impulse behavior can be bad or lead to mental illness. There seems to be a fine line between positive and negative impulse behaviors.

These articles are available free for two weeks, then you have to pay a nominal fee, if you aren't a Times Select subscriber. I finally gave in and began to pay the $7.95 a month to access Times Select. I was too frustrated by not having access to all the columnists.

K is doing relatively well. Today she's asleep. We miscalculated with our guests this weekend. On Friday and Saturday nights, we stayed up too late. Then Sunday we napped after their departure and ended up sleeping till 6 pm. Do you think that either one of us was able to go to sleep at 9:30 pm? Not bloody likely. Also with the beginning of daylight savings time and my period, we reached a confluence of events that wiped us both out. My manager kicked me out of the office early yesterday, as I looked so miserable. The exhaustion probably is feeding into my writer's block as well.

I've been doing better about not getting wired with K. She has leave and I know that she hates to use it, but there are times when she is unable to make it to the office. Today is one of them. I called the house at 1 pm and she was still sound asleep. I'm hoping that she'll be better by the time I get home. The other part is that K wears a hormone patch. She's been very poor about changing them weekly, as required.
That may be affecting her mood. Last night, she began to get wired, but was able to catch herself. We also made sure to take the time and put on a new patch.

Nothing else of interest. I really need to keep working on the application.


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