I spent some time this morning reading through some of my posts from last summer. I can see the progression that K is getting better and that my emotional state is returning to equilibrium. Not to say it's always easy, but the bad times now aren't nearly as frequent or extreme as they were last summer. One thing I did realize is that I haven't given any updates on some of our projects lately.

1) The basement is still not done. It's been 9 months at this point, maybe 10. 2 of those months were lost getting permits and inspectors. I thought this was pretty bad, until I talked to a neighbor last night. Redoing his basement took 15 months, not including the time to get the permits. The good part is that the basement is looking good and we're approaching the end. A few things to do and then the carpentry work begins.

2) The living room and dining room projects have been completed, were completed months ago. They look great. We're entertaining again, as our house actually looks acceptable.

3) As I've written about, K's job is still in flux. We thought it would be settled by the end of September and although there are promising signs, things won't be finalized then. But she's in a supportive group and enjoying her work. As a precaution, she is thinking about other alternatives if this position doesn't work out, so she's preparing for the positive or the negative decision.

4) My trips to the gym are increasing again. I made it three times this week and went for a long walk with the dog one night. I can sense that it helps me mentally. My other goal is to start attending yoga weekly. When I have done yoga in the past, it's had a very soothing effect on my mind and psyche, in addition to the physical benefits of strengthening and stretching my muscles. My intention is to go to the Wednesday night yoga class at my gym.

I believe that covers any loose ends that I hadn't addressed in a while. K's returning from her business trip this afternoon. No big plans for the weekend.


At 5:56 PM, Blogger broke said...

Interesting to hear about your exercise regime. I'm just starting up exercising again too, and I reckon it does help, psychologically.
Good to hear about the improvements over the last year for both you and K too.
Take care


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