Further progress

K returned from her business trip on Friday and was completely wiped out. She reported that the group she's in, which is a developmental group, was referred to as "they". She's extremely angry, and rightfully so, that she's been put in this group due to her leave situation and not because she's lacking abilities. But even though the trip was worse than she anticipated, she recovered over the weekend and taking extra-long naps.

The stress from the burglary was continuing to take a toll. Every time we went to go online and realized that we had to go upstairs, we were reminded of the loss. On Sunday, our contractor agreed to purchase us a new laptop. We went and picked it up that afternoon. Since I was able to use my student ID card, we also received a free ipod with the computer. We're going to pass the iPod on to the contractor for his use, as he paid for the computer. We agreed to pay for the other items, once he replaced the computer. Now, our contractor is getting back into our good graces and he's making progress on our basement.

I would be remiss if I did not credit K for the actions in the paragraph above. She and I had been arguing about it and our emotions were running high. K picked up the phone, called our contractor, and laid out our frustration. She did not ask him to replace the machine, rather she asked what he would do about the burglary. He suggested replacing the computer himself. The replacement is helping heal the wounds.

K's security concerns have resurfaced. The new computer is locked to our radiator pipes and will remain locked down when we are not at home. I have issues with the idea of having to lock up our belongs when we aren't at home, but K is more comfortable with doing things that way. I no longer know where to draw the line, as I am starting to second guess myself on these things.

That's one of the most frustrating results of the past six months. I no longer trust my instincts. It feels as if every time I say things will work out or they will be fine or they can't get worse then the opposite happens. I don't know what to think or believe as everything I think appears to be wrong.

K's job situation has stabilized for a few more months. Her temporary assignment was to be completed by the end of September. She discovered today that it has been extended to the end of December. According to the management, this will give the management more time to get to know K and the other two people. I assume that there will then be a possibility of a permanent job at that point. If not, K will be returned to the temporary group and start looking for another job. It's not an ideal resolution, but it's positive. K also received extremely positive feedback as to her work.

Nothing in particular going on, but a few things swirling. K's working to convince me to accompany her on Saturday to her therapy appointment. She thinks that we both could benefit from the conversation and it will help ease my fears.


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