Life interfering with Blogging

Lately, things have sort of spun out of control, not with K, but with my own life and job. The long absence has not meant anything other than that I haven't had the time to sit down at the computer and type. Nor have I had the luxury to even think things through enough to effectively blog about them. Though, the blogging processes does help me sort out my thoughts.

Any case, K and I have both been busy. The last week of August, we each had to travel for work. It occurs rarely that we travel for work and it's especially unusual that we had to be out of town the same week. It was unfortunate in that the dog had to head over to doggie daycare. It's cage free, but still at $50/day I am not thrilled about sending her. I had been organizing a conference, which had me going for 12 hours a day at the office. Now that it's over, I'm trying to cut back to about 10.5 hour days at the most. The new job continues to take a toll and I am sure that it will be this way as long as I am in it.

More important that work, today is K's birthday. She's 44 years old. I declared this K weekend on yesterday afternoon. We took her motorcycle in to the shop yesterday. We had been led to believe that it would cost about $500 to get it up and running. When they ran all the numbers, we're looking at a $2200 bill, for a bike that is worth significantly less. K turned to me and asked if she should junk it. My answer was an emphatic "NO".

The motorcycle represents a side of K that has been deadened even prior to the heart attack and the bipolar disorder. Her interest in getting the bike up and running shows her psychological and physical health are good. Psychologically, because she has the confidence to ride the bike in an area with awful traffic and confusing roadways. The physical health because of the balance and strength required to safely ride a motorcycle. To encourage that improvement, I am willing to pay any price. The bike also fits her and she knows it intimately. She bought it new in 1984. It is far safer for her to start riding again on this bike than purchasing a new one that would not be as familiar. I realize that she still may decide in favor of a new bike and we'll sell this one in a year or so, or she may decide to keep it. I wasn't thrilled with the price tag, but that is as good a place as any for the money to go.

When we were at dinner last night, K said that she felt that we had crossed a milestone by getting the bike to the shop. It was a lifting of a burden. The bike had been rotting in our parking spot for the past four years. K saw it as a milestone on the way to full health. Also, it made the benefits of working out clear. Yes, we are continuing to work out with the personal trainer. (Note: I've lost 10 pounds over the past six months. I'm now in normal BMI. I would like to lose another 10 and I am continuing to work on it.) K could tell a difference with her balance and strength when she helped the tow truck guy load the bike on the flatbed to go to the shop. It's the working out that will make it possible for her to even ride it, when it returns in four weeks.

The other sign of health is that we are beginning to work on the house. Last weekend, we ripped down the plaster in half of our entryway. The other half is mostly drywall and will be less of a mess. But we are interviewing contractors to put on a new roof. We are deciding how to pay for all the construction. The insurance settlements for the basement are starting to come in. One claim is settled and the other is almost there. We should finish it up this week. After we receive the checks, we will be able to go ahead and have the basement waterproofed, which is the final piece of the project. We feel able and ready to take on new challenges.

I'm very happy with the current state of affairs.


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