Being exhausted probably has a lot to do with the latest infrequent of posting. I've been on high stress mode with my job and K's spending a lot of time calming me down. Finally, I'm starting to settle down a bit. Unfortunately, I have a new boss, who started and went on two weeks vacation. He's back in the office, now I'm going to be out for the next week and a half. Not great timing, but it was set up prior to my moving to this position. No one has complained about my absence, it's only my internal pressure getting to me. I did volunteer to come in for a meeting after 4 pm one day to remind them that I am still around.

K, on the other hand, continues to do really well. She's taking the bus to-and-from work, despite the miserable heat and humidity that we're going through. A week ago, I thought to myself that maybe I have adjusted to living in the almost-South. A few hours south of us is where the "real South" begins. Then, the humidity struck. I'm not as miserable in it as I used to be, but it is still bad. I'm not used to living here.

But K's doing great. She constantly says that she won't be able to continue to take the bus when the heat gets bad or in the winter, if it gets too cold, etc. But she manages to keep doing it. At times, I think she ought to take a taxi, but she is stubborn about taking the bus, now that she is able to do so.

Part of the reason that I'm so tired is that we went to the personal trainer this morning. As usual, he kicked my tail. Bad part is that I was still sore from my lunges last week, where I about died. There are still knots in my quads, which isn't a good thing.

We're invited to a party tonight, but I already went to a professional BBQ today, and I just don't believe that I have further energy to be social. I think that we are going to be lumps and sit around and watch tv.

Next week, on Thursday, we are off to fly out to see K's family. My mom will be coming down one day to spend the night with us, as she's only 90 miles north. It should be a fine visit, and I'm looking at getting away, even if only for the long weekend. However, a number of K's relatives . . ..

Need to stop blogging. K just suggested that we head off to the Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale. Suddenly, I'm feeling less tired, though not by much.


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