Does Absence make the heart grow fonder or just forget about you?

Sorry for the lengthy break between posts. I didn't even really realize how long it had been until I logged in to write this post. I've been in class, out of town, and still trying to figure out the new job.

We took a long weekend and went to see K's family about two weeks ago. It was a good visit, but a bit crazy. Not only was her family around, but a cousin with her family and three kids, various family friends, and my mom were all in the mix as well. K handled it better than I expected. She got tired, but nothing too extreme. The frustrating part was that a couple days after we returned home, K was hit with PMS.

PMS hasn't been so bad lately. Previously, K's PMS would keep her out of work for 1-2 days and basically send her to bed. This time she ended up sleeping for hours on end. It's frustrating for her and for me.

The other factor is that I used to drive to the office every day. With my new job, I am now taking the subway. This means that K is left on the bus. Usually, it isn't a problem. But when she struggles, having to get on the bus is enough to keep her from going to work. The heatwave over the past week kept K at home one day and she worked from home one afternoon due to her fears of the heat. It's still hot, but the humidity has broken somewhat making the outdoors a bit more bearable.

The one source of conflict occurred this morning. I recently finished a Masters certificate in project management. K completed the course last year. In order to be certified, it is necessary to take an exam after completing the course work. I didn't really want to take the classes and was sort of forced into them. K on the other hand really wanted to take the classes and worked very hard to get into them. However, due to the problems with her job last year, she never received any recognition for the work that she completed.

What it comes down to is that I am in a position to take the exam. I don't particularly care whether I am certified or not and I am only taking the exam because I've done all the work. For K the certification is more important, yet no one is pushing her to take the exam and offering prep course. I end up feeling guilty for my opportunities and the way that I am treated at the office. K feels angry about how she is treated and we both end up not able to easily communicate about it.

This whole scenario is one disadvantage to working in the same place. The differences in how we are treated are highlighted. K doesn't blame me and isn't angry with me, but I am uncomfortable with her comments that I have led a charmed existence. I've worked very hard to make it where I am, though I will admit that I have had some luck as well. We got through it today and everything is fine. Just another one of those things that I don't like.

We recently passed our nine year anniversary from the time that we met. July 31. It was my second week on my new job with this organization. We met and hit it off. September will be nine years that the two of us have been together. Seems difficult for me to believe. K is an integral part of my life and everything that we do is intertwined. I can't even imagine my life without her.

Nothing much else to report. Various tidbits of information, but nothing too earth shattering. I mainly wanted to get back into the practice of writing again.


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