It's a busy week. I was gone on an offsite for a professional development program for the past three days. I arrived home this afternoon, and I feel exhausted. I'm an introvert, so I feel that people can suck my energy levels and tire me. The majority of the group are extreme extroverts, who thrive on the feeling of community and togetherness. Though, I will say that even they were wearing out towards the end.

Tomorrow, I leave for my 10 year college reunion. So I get to see K tonight, then I will be off again until Sunday. The good part is that I am taking off Monday to recover from all this excitement.

K is feeling better. I was concerned when I left on Monday, because she didn't make it into work on Monday, but she was there yesterday and today. That's a good indicator that she's feeling able to handle things, despite her general unhappiness with the situation.

As part of my professional development offsite, I learned a few things about myself and my preferences in regards to work and structure. I'll talk more about that later and explain how that impacts my caretaking abilities.

For now, I'm signing off.


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