Doctor Visit

I did go to the doctor despite feeling much better yesterday. I knew it was easier to make the appointment and go rather than face the wrath of K if I didn't. K came along with me to keep me company and make sure that I represented the situation adequately.

Basically, no sinus infection. The doctor believes that I am having a reaction to the acid being used in the house. I guess I'm not sure what to think, but a reaction to the acid is certainly a strong possibility. She saw no evidence that I had a sinus infection. Her only advice was to stay out of the house as much as possible.

The contractors are finished using the acid. Sometime today, they are to commence with the clean-up of the basement to stop all our pipes and fixtures from corroding further.

K also laid out some of the troubles I have had with sleeping for the doctor and convinced her to give me a prescription for ambien. Occasionally, maybe once every few weeks, I have a difficult time sleeping and stay awake about half the night. I have been known to take K's ambien, but K doesn't like sharing, as she has only enough for herself, as she takes it virtually every night. The doctor handed over 30 tablets and one refill, so we figured that was a success.

Last night, we watched 13 Conversations about One Thing. Depressing. Watching the movie opened all of my anxieties regarding K's job situation and money. Normally, those anxieties are only a small fissure in my brain, but sometimes things like the movie act as a lever and open the crack further, so it allows the anxieties to escape. I felt guilty inflecting K with my worries, but she calmed me down and reassured me that things will be fine. It was her turn to be pollyanna.

I think I was more susceptible to worrying as my period is kicking in for the month. That seems to have a negative effect on my mood of late.

This morning I got up and went to the gym. Now we're sitting around both feeling slightly grumpy and knowing that we need to go out and run a few errarnds, including going to the mall. I hate going to the mall, but I have a pair of pants to pick up from the alterations department that I bought a couple weeks ago. K's having some pain shooting through her eye. We're not quite sure if it is stress-related or now that it might be related to the acid fumes. It's a beautiful spring day, and I'm sure we'll feel better soon.

It seems as if the basement boys have arrived to begin their day’s work at 12:30 pm. We both jumped a moment ago, as a large crash emanated from the basement. Maybe it will be time to abandon the house in a little bit.


At 11:42 PM, Blogger moodymicello said...

Have you considered taking a sledgehammer to the basement crew? and then having them send in someone very very quiet to clean up and make tidy the mess??? It appears they have really caused you quite a moutain of trouble. I'm glad the doc found no infection -- irritatiion is enough. Sweet dreams. Michele


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