I'm sick, stressed, and mildly worried. Let's start at the beginning of the list. The contractors have been using muriatic acid to strip lead paint from the walls of the basement. I began having a reaction in the form of coughing about two weeks ago. Now, I seem to be in the midst of a full blown sinus infection with pain coursing up and down the right side of my face. This morning it felt as if someone has taken a sledgehammer to the base of my skull. Doesn't help that the contractors are still using the acid in the basement. I'm home from work today, but hanging out in a coffee shop rather than at the house, not that the contractors are working. Urgh.

Stressed due to the contractors and K. The contractors have managed to destroy about $10K of electrical wiring and god knows what else in our basement. We had new conduit and a new electrical box installed late last year. It's all rusted and pitted and will need to be replaced with new. So far, they don't seem to have destroyed the new boiler, though one of the pipes has sprung a leak. The only good news is that it appears as if the National Park Service ceremony, which was to be held at the house in May, will be postponed. Our ranger has been ill for months and isn't able to plan for the ceremony.

K is also causing me stress. She in a mild rage state. She is angry at the contractors for the damage in the basement and she's angry about her situation at work. She didn't go in yesterday. Today, I convinced her to go in for the afternoon, while I came to the coffee shop. I had intended on going to work as well, but my manager called me and strongly discouraged me from coming in. He prefers if we stay out of the office when sick, though, I don't believe that I am contagious.

My worries come regarding K. I'm concerned about her mental state, despite the indications that she's doing well. When does life return to normal? We had a slice of it for a few months, but that seems to have been shattered since mid-February, when the job nightmare began. She's starting to think about other jobs, which is very positive. I keep reminding myself that we have held together this far and we will continue to do so.

I feel like whining this afternoon. Whenever I am ill, my whine switch kicks on. It's a good that I don't suffer from a chronic illneess, as no one would be able to tolerate my constant whining long enough to care for me.


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