Things have been odd lately. Neither of us has felt great, be it slight stomach issues or exhaustion, which hasn't helped. But lately K's been exceptionally grouchy and snappish, which is unusual for her. Previously, she was the one, who would deflect my irritation and make a joke of it. Now she quickly becomes impatient and irritable, even with the smallest of tasks.

I have no idea where this irritation originates. Neither does K or if she does, she hasn't admitted to it. What I will say it is takes a toll on my ability to deal with her. I don't take well to being snapped. The other day it was for having disconnected a computer cable and leaving it on the desk rather than reconnecting an unknown cable.

K is frustrated by the reappearance of her menstrual cycle, especially as she is unable to take any ibuprofen to help deal with the pain. It seems as if things are in some sort of flux and it isn't clear where they are heading.

It doesn't help that we're headed out of town over the weekend and neither of us is thrilled about the trip. Urgh.


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