Busy, busy, busy

Work has been keeping me very busy and somewhat stressed this week. I have ended up on the lead for three projects, all which need a lot of attention over the next six months. The good thing is that I can concentrate on work and am no longer having to suddenly leave in the middle of the day, because K can't be home by herself. She's also back in the office and working full time and being productive. As I'm sitting at the dining room table typing this, K is sitting next to me reveiwing materials for an exam in project managment tomorrow.

What this means is that we come home and collapse. No desire to play with the dog, barely any energy to cook dinner (though we have been managing to do so and cut back on eating out), and barely able to stay up more than three hours after making it home. In other words, we're leading a normal life! Put in those terms it somewhat sad, but the result isn't. Bipolar disorder is no longer running our lives.

That's not to say that I'm thrilled about the exhaustion and being tired to the point of being unable to think, but that's something for me to work out. No longer are we solely in the hands of the psychiatrist and therapist relying on them in order to be able to change things. It's not a question of medication in making changes, it's K & I deciding what we want to do and making the changes. (I fear my exhaustion is making me babble.)

I still need to review a presentation that I'm supposed to give tomorrow afternoon, but I'm glad I took a few minutes to reflect.


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