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I'm teleworking today, ostensibly to start out the contractors on the Big Dig. Well, that didn't quite happen, as we don't have the permit in hand yet and the contractors weren't quite ready. But K and I are ready!

The weekend was spent cleaning out the basement. It didn't have too much stuff in it, as the space is fairly nasty. But still, with the dining room torn up and the contents scattered around the house, losing the basement space is having an impact. We have shit piled everywhere. The cleaning crew has been forewarned that they will have to clean around it all tomorrow.

I stayed home to telework, as K finds it stressful to deal with contractors. And, I have had contractors in the house the entire day, despite the basement work not having begun. The chimney guys had to return. Saturday night, we went out to dinner and came home to take some much needed downtime, after cleaning the basement, curled up reading in front of the newly lined fireplace. Instead of the smoke gently swirling up the chimney, it backed up and filled the entire house with nasty wood smoke. K was livid; I was irritated. Either way, today I called them to come fix it. After spending 90 minutes in our living room, they will have to return on Friday to finish the job.

Then, the table guy came to quote me on refinishing the dining room table. Price is great, but he would like to work on it in the middle of the living room, as he is living with friends and currently has no workspace for his stuff. Lovely, in between the basement being dug, the chimney being fixed, the dining room being drywalled and painted, and crap throughout the house, we are now going to have a table refinished in the middle of our living room. Surprisingly, K did not lose it, when I told her what he wanted to do. All she did was scold me for letting him onto the second floor of the house. Some silly security thing she has going on.

Then the basement contractor stopped by and now the African architect, who K can't understand, is coming tonight to look at the basement again.

Any case, our home life is in perpetual chaos. K is at work and doing fine. A little voice in the back of my head wonders if she just doesn't want to stay at home with all this going on, but no, I know better. She's back to her pre-heart attack life and doing well. I know the ups and downs will continue, but being able to go through the upheaval and carry on with her schedule.

It's a relief being able to let go and not constantly worry. I have to relearn how to not worry, but my "whatever" attitude is quickly returning. It's good to relax.


At 6:12 AM, Blogger blondzila said...

Congratulations on having a good "normal" period. Cherish it.

At 10:01 PM, Blogger moodymicello said...

What an ambitious project you have going on. If it begins to get to K, perhaps you can keep her focused on the end result. I love the dining room table being refinished in the middle of it all. It is a little ironic that it is ending up as if a bipolar person in the midst of a mania planned the whole thing. Perhaps that will bring you a bit of humor. I'm glad that you now can relax about K and that she is back to work. Best regards.


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