K and I had a good time last night. We went out and had a lobster dinner and even went to a lesbian bar for a bit. Just a catty remark, all of the women were round. Somehow I don't understand it. But. . . I should behave and stop being non-pc. Of course, we only stuck around till 10 pm, which is pretty early on the bar scene, s0 not too many people were out yet.

This morning, tensions arose. K got got irked about something that I didn't think really impacted her. I couldn't understand why she even wasted her energy complaining about it or getting riled up. I should be more specific.

Our neighborhood is gentrifying and has a very diverse population, racially and economically. There are times when the culture clash can get to both of us, but neither of us desires to move towards a more homogeneous, yuppie neighborhood. That said, we do have to be more tolerant than we wish to be at times.

Annoyances, such as public urination, noise, trash, drug dealing, etc., can get to us. Generally, K gets more irritated and agitated than I do. I cannot decide if it is part of her personality to be worked up more or if it is a combination of her personality and disease. Either way, I find it difficult. When she gets into an irritable mood with the neighborhood, I feel the tension between my shoulders and neck increasing.

The thing is that I don't believe she would be any happier anywhere else. The suburban car/SUV (sport-utility vehicles) culture with self-satisfied homeowners blowing leaves on your lawn with their overpowered leaf blowers wouldn't suit us either. Even the yuppies moving in manage to piss her off. Nor is she so interested (not that it is even a remote possibility) to live in a rural area. We love where we live and our house, but she gets irked and I don't understand.

This morning, she got irritated and I got irritated with her. And we weren't able to reach a good compromise. We're trying to ignore that we had a spat, but I'm not fully convinced that ignoring the problem with make it go away. I'm hoping we'll move past it without having to address it.


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