I received an e-mail the other day from Deborah Harper at http://www.psychjourney.com. She was letting me know that she had posted a link to synergy at the above website blog links and was hoping for a recipricol link.

I went to the site and skimmed through some of the material quickly, but had a difficult time getting a good feel for it. I was wondering if anyone has heard of it or checked out. I do need to go back and look at it more closely, but thoughts are appreciated.



At 2:52 PM, Blogger blondzila said...

I looked it over a bit. It appears to be a gateway to a number of "guilds" or loosely formed groups, each dedicated to an element of human psychology. That could include substance abuse, spirituality, positive thinking, or serious mental illness. Each guild link is a further gateway to other smaller information trees. It's a site in its infancy, it would seem. Well intentioned.


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