K's description of the weekend

Here is K's description of the work that was done this weekend. I hate it that she's a better creative writer than I am.

Wall and Bookcase? What wall and bookcase?

What a weekend! The built-in bookcase in the dining room always looked out of place. The trim didn't match the rest of the house and it made the dining room unbalanced. It was easy to see that it was an add-on. Given that it wasn't original, we decided to remove it and restore the room to its original configuration--fireplace and chimney centered on west wall with equidistant inset sections of wall. This also matches the configuration in the living room---fireplace and chimney built-out and centered on wall.

To remove the bookcase and restore the original configuration, we needed to remove the bookcase, and remove the plaster and lath above it. Once that was removed we found it only made sense to remove the dummy walls on either side of bookcase. So, more plaster and lath to remove. As we continue, it becomes more obvious that the mantel (definitely a tacked on, after-thought affair) will require one of the dummy walls, thus ensuring again that the room will be non-symetrical and thus, not as originally designed. So, you can see where this is going....mantel removed, dummy wall denuded of plaster and lath. Now we were faced with another decision--->remove the plaster from the fireplace and chimney (the lath from dummy wall extends over to fireplace and chimney)? Yes, more plaster removed. What does that mean by the way: plaster removed? Plaster removed = more dust and debris than one can imagine. Note: removing plaster from lathe is relatively easy. Removing plaster from brick is relatively difficult. Chip, chip, chip.....dust, dust, flying chips.....

Ok, so now we have removed all of the plaster. Now it is time to tackle the remaining beams that framed out the dummy walls and the inset bookcase. "L, are you interested in learning how to use the reciprocating saw?" L's response: "Sure!" The beams come down!

A bit of hauling of bagged debris to the yard and a day later and $175 later ($165 for trash removal and $10 tip), all beams, lath and plaster removed.

Now all that is left is cleaning up the rest of the ENTIRE house that is coated with DIRT and plaster DUST! Demolition project=2 days. Cleaning up after demolition:::>Ongoing.

Satisfaction: L says immense, K not sure yet....ok, some satisfaction but, when do the cleaning ladies get here?


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