Week In Review

Successful week, K worked the entire week, 4 days in the office and 1 day at home. But, the at home day was planned in advanced due to disruptions downtown and there was a request for as many people as possible to telework. I made it through the week without feeling as if I would collapse any minute.

That said, the house is still a mess from last weekend's forays into demolition. But we'll spend more time this weekend cleaning and the cleaning crew is coming on Monday. I guess I should call them to provide advanced warning of the state of the house.

We made it through successfully, but there were still challenges. Yesterday, K got very tired. We ended up with another contractor stopping by immediately after we arrived home from work. Then, someone else had parked in our parking spot, which is located on PRIVATE PROPERTY. We called the police and got them ticketed, but pain in the ass! These are the specifics, but the thing is, K made it through daily frustrations or more than daily frustrations without collapsing and still going to work every day. That is cause for celebration.

It is a sign her meds are working and her management of the disease is getting better. She is able to monitor her moods and know when she needs to say "no" to things rather than going along with me. Progress.

I think she's doing really well, especially given the construction and chaos throughout the household with the home renovation. At this point, probably 90-95%, a big step from June, when I felt she was about 50%.

Her ups and downs have been minimized by the lithium and trileptal combination. Ever since she started on trileptal (late June) her rages have been muted. Also, she started on estrogen at the same time.

This is getting into female biology, but it seems to be important to female bpers. Prior to K's heart attack in January 2003, she had entered peri-menopause. It was early, but still she has a very mild form of lupus, an anti-immune disease. She figured that brought on early peri-menopause. After the heart attack and into the depression, Dr. X wanted to try hormone replacement therapy (HRT), but none of the cardiologists would go along with it given the risks for heart attacks. Finally, in June she was desperate enough and able to convince her cardiologist to let her go onto a low dose of estrogen.

Thus, it becomes impossible to parse out whether her improvements are due to trileptal, HRT, or lithium. In any case, I think the peri-menopause has significantly contributed to her struggle with bipolar. And possibly that is even what pushed her over the edge with bipolar in the first place. Who knows?

As it turns out, K will be post-menopausal in November. Menopause is going 12 months without menses. Once she hits the post-menopause, we are hoping her psychological struggles will become easier. I believe she's planning a celebration.

After watching K, I have decided that menopause is nature's way of killing off weaker women, once they can no longer reproduce. Look at the stats, heart attack, cancer, psychological problems, serious health problems are exacerbated when women hit menopause. The hot flashes, night sweats, and mood fluctuations are enough to make women want to die, if it's bad. Okay, I'll get off my soap box.

Weekend should be low-key. Lobster dinner planned tonight and that is about it on the plans.


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