Weekend Report

We're halfway through visiting with my father, a trip both of us were dreading. I love my father, but he has the ability to push my buttons and piss me off beyond belief. He hasn't managed to do so yet, but he'll have another opportunity at dinner. The good thing is that K and I are being less irritable with one another than we have been in a while. She's getting worn down by the travel, as evidenced, by her sitting in a chaise lounge next to me and dozing at the moment. We have another hour before we have to meet up to head to dinner, so we're taking advantage of the break and reating up.

My dad's wife is a former psyche nurse, so she has lots of experience and sympathy for K's bipolar disorder. We were discussing things with her today regarding K's struggle to find pain killers that don't interact with the bipolar meds. Thus far, the only thing anyone recommends is aspirin, which has a tendancy to make K's ears ring, if she takes it too frequently. It also doesn't do too much for her pain. Not ideal, but apparently the best one out there.

Okay, we're heading back to the airport at noon tomorrow to head home again. Then Monday is our recovery day and K's opportunity to see her therapist before we are back in the office on Tuesday. The good part is that Friday is our usual day off, which means only a three day week. A three day week, provided I don't have to work at the last minute on Friday.


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