Brief Update

I realize that I've been absent for a week, but there's been so much going on that it's been impossible to update.

The dig in the basement has begun. It's going smoothly and the house doesn't appear to be on the brink of collapse, but it's tiring for us. The upstairs is filled with a damp, moldy dirt odor. I went downstairs briefly last night to leave some plans for the contractors and was gagging on the odor by the time I made it back upstairs 10 seconds later.

We've been handling the stress by trying to make our dinners very simple. Last night we went out. The night before we had microwave dinners. We prefer to cook, but we're trying to recognize our limitations while the house is torn apart.

K is doing great. She's handling the construction stress very well. She's also taking a training class this week and her routine has been disrupted. Instead of getting her daily ride to the office from me, she has to take the subway to another building. After the first evening, she was exhausted. However, last night her energy levels seemed to be returning.

It appears as if she back even healthier than she was prior to her heart attack two years ago. Her ability to cope and manage stress is improved, she is more aware of her general physical health, and she respects her limitations even when she doesn't like them.

Recently, I keep writing about how well things are going for us. Not always, but often of late. Things have been improving over the past year, since K's hospitalizations and it seems recently we've reached critical mass on the good things and everything is beginning to tilt to the positive. I like it.


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