Nothing but good times ahead. . .

Well, I hope that's the case, but the realistic side of me says that I should take what I can get. Things have improved again, which has brought about another bout of exhaustion for me. I'm able to push through the crisis, but afterwards I need time to recover. Last night I got a good nine hours of sleep and would be perfectly happy going back for some more.

I can see K's progression with the illness. This morning she woke up and lay in bed. But instead of getting wired about her early awakening, she got up and read downstairs, as not to disturb me. Basically, she was able to make decisions, which prevented her from getting wired and upset. So, even though it wasn't the greatest morning, she made it to the office and is feeling much better throughout the day today.

When improvements occur, I quickly forget about all of the bad days that we've had. I forget about my frustration barely held in check (at the really bad moments, not held in check), the bouts of tears, fear, and helplessness. Instead, I am able to focus on our relationship and the big smiles we each have on our faces when I see K headed towards the car after getting out to run an errand. I can think about the fact she calls my shoes platy-paws (not a mispelling) because I wear size 11. (In my defense, size 11 is a reasonable size for being 6'1".) I can remember the times when we laugh and tease one another about the smallest thing. Reading this, I guess I live for the good days.


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