Today is one of those days where my caretaking skills are stretched. K has had a rough week and only made it to the office two days. I have today off and suggested that she might want to go in. It would give her a chance to feel better about herself, thus be able to enjoy the weekend more.

When we woke up, I asked what she was going to do today and all I received were non-committal answers. I pointed out that I was trying to plan my day. For example, if I was going to drop her at the office, I would go have breakfast and coffee at Tryst. Otherwise, I would eat at home. After prodding a couple times, and receiving the same answer, I finally got up saying that I would go eat downstairs. And I proceeded to get more and more irritated as she didn't rise for another hour. I guess that answers the question as to whether she's working today.

I'm always of two minds. One is that I shouldn't push. Today, though it would be nice for me to have the house to myself, something which rarely occurs (and is a sore point with me.) She stays home during the week or works from home and has time to herself, which I rarely have, except on my commute.

We've actively worked towards figuring out this problem. And we have made progress. But every so often, feelings of being hemmed in hit me again and stress me out.

Except, this seems a petty issue. I can't tell if I'm being reasonable or not, but I feel my reserves being lower today than usual.


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