Once again improvement

I read blogs that are amusing and comical in describing their circumstances such as www.dooce.com, but I fail to find that humor in myself for my own situation. Perhaps a flaw of being too literal.

The past week has shown significant improvement in both K & myself. I realized that I was feeling better when I awoke on Sunday morning and didn't feel exhausted for the first time in 10 days or so. A sign that the stress is receding again.

K is feeling better. She's been at work both days this week, marked improvement. But she's struggling with various aspects of her job and her current tasks. As we talk through the day, I hear her struggling and want to help, which can lead to frustration for us both. I keep trying to remind myself to step back and remember that she is an adult.

The disease makes a relationship difficult. I battle a desire to do everything rather than letting K fend for herself. I've gotten better. She struggles to feel like an equal partner when she's off work and ill. It's another balancing act, which like everything else about bi-polar disorder, SUCKS.

We also ask ourselves how long this good spell will last before it gets bad again.


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