The downturn I mentioned yesterday occurred, much sooner than I thought. K describes it as a buzzing in her brain, similar to digital voice prints. She feels as if her brain is being filtered through that digitalization and static. But this is where I am challenged:
How hard do I push for her to call the doctor?
Or do I call the doctor for her?

Personally, I feel it's important for her to make the call and manage her own illness. If I was truly worried (and I have done this multiple times), I would call the doctor. Today, although I felt that she really should call today, it wasn't enough to call the doctor myself. But it is a continual disturbed of decision making to determine what to do.

Over the course of our conversation, I kept returning to the point that the buzzing is new and that it is a change, which will be important to Dr. X. By the end of the conversation, we agreed that she would finish watching her movie and I would call in two hours to remind her to call the Dr. Fair compromise. It's a long weekend and we both want to be able to fully enjoy it.


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