I've read a few blogs and then my partner suggested that my experiences as a caretaker may be useful to others. It seemed worth the attempt to write down some of what we have gone through and continue to go through on the road to recovery.

What concerns me is how much to release into a public setting. Non-supportive comments or commentary on how we handle her care will not be welcome. Although, I am publicizing information, much of it is extremely personal and painful to relate. I hope it may be of use to others facing a similar situation of caring for someone with a mental illness.

Brief History: January 1, 2003, my partner had a heart attack. It was one of those unexpected type of events, where there is no prior inkling that there may be something wrong. She had even been to the doctore earlier that day and diagnosed with allergies. The heart attack set off a chain of events and illnesses that continued throughout 2003, culminating in a diagnoses of bipolar disorder and two hospitalizations. In 2004, she had progressively become healthier and stronger, but still not 100%

I never expected to face the prospect of widowhood at the tender age of 29, as I was when she had her heart attack. As it turned out, I was not, but I had also never dealt with any illness more serious than the common cold, and I wasn't good atnursing anyone through even minor illnesses. Suddenly, I was faced with a partner, who needed quite a bit of care and attention to survive. And I have had to learn about compassion in addition to the medical issues. This learning process/struggle will be the focus of the blog.


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