Good Days

Another visit to the psychiatrist today.  It was a relief in that K has been doing so well since last week.  Usually, it seems as if several days prior to her visit, she begins to get worse, so the focus is always on trying to correct whatever has gone wrong.  But not today, she has had a great week, the first one in a while. 
For some time, I've been saying she's at 80%.  The last few weeks it has hovered more at the 60-70%.  And the last week, she's been definitely at 80% or higher and the last 20% has seemed within reach.  Pareto's Law states that basically that achieving the last 20% is requires 80% of the effort, and I've come to believe that in this case. 
But, it's the little things that show me the improvements.  We cleaned the house and hired a cleaning service.  (Our spot cleaning saved us the expense of them doing a baseline cleaning, which is several hundred dollars.)  We spoke with a landscaper to repair a broken brick flower bed, which some asshole ran over with his truck.  We managed to go to the movies and have dinner and drinks with friends.  (Well, I drank; K doesn't due to the meds.)   We dropped the rugs off to be repaired and cleaned. Although, these things are part of everyday life, they represent a life we haven't lived in a long time. 
Our ability to make the phone calls, set up appointments, and follow through on the little things tell me that we are making progress.  Who knew that I would be so excited to have the energy to dust mop the floors.   Trust me, K never thought I would be excited to dust mop.


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