I haven't been posting much over the past few months. Much of that has to do that K is much better and there remains little to write about on that front. The question then becomes, what do I do with this space? It appears that its original purpose as an outlet for me to deal with caretaking duties has been fulfilled. However, I find myself still clinging to the idea of the blog, despite my apparent disinterest in actually writing anything.

As stated, K continues to do very well. She's been taking Provigil (www.provigil.com) with great results. (I'm using Safari and can't add hyperlinks in it.) It is a temporary measure, but we're hoping that it will be enough to get her through the winter without missing work. Though, she did get a bit off schedule during our trip at Christmas and missed a day of work upon return, as she was unable to get up.

We have a pyschiatrist appointment on Friday. It will be the first time that he's seen her, since prescribing the Provigil, which he actually did over the phone. I think that he's going to be very pleased.

K's also upped her visits to the personal trainer to twice a week. Don't even ask what that is doing to our bank account. But the benefits should be tangible. Meanwhile, I'm continuing to work on getting my tail to the gym and exercising it. I took a few weeks off over the holidays. I didn't gain weight, but I certainly lost some toning. I have been SORE after that past two visits to the trainer.

I'm happy. After looking a retrospective of 2006, I only hope that 2007 is as good. Things came together really nicely last year. Not that everything was perfect, but it was good. I start a new job tomorrow. Same organization, but different boss and different work. And there is still a strong possibility that I will completely leave my organization. I'm waiting for some budget issues to be resolved. But the job I begin tomorrow is located at the same facility where I have worked the past seven months, which means public transportation. I love being able to leave the car sitting at home for the week.

That's the quick update. Nothing earth shattering. I now need to spend some time figuring out exactly what this blog means and if I should shut it down or morph it into some other type of outlet.


At 5:56 PM, Blogger +PHc said...


I just discovered you're blog before seeing the date header. I'm so sorry you've discontinued it. I hope that you and your partner are doing well.

I am not presently, (bi-polar and HIV), but one of the most functional periods of my life would not have happened without the regulation enabled by Provigil. You are, it seems, the only other person besides one (my) doctor that knows what Provigil is.

Anyway, just wishing the two of you - whatever's going on - well. I hope 2007 went well for you, and that 2008 will be better.

Take care,


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