Friday the 13th

No, nothing bad has happened. Actually, it's been a good day. It's just that I'm tired. K and I are away on a long weekend in Chicago. She's visiting family and we're staying with some close friends. They are busy putting the kids to bed. Yesterday was bad, but K handled it better than I did.

We had tickets out last evening. Our flight was delayed and we didn't even arrive at the airport here until after 10 pm local time. I had started out exhausted from a long day and even longer week at the office. (Yes, I need to deal with the job situation.) My temper was short, but K was fine. She took the lead and pulled me through and dealt with my short-temper. I did sleep well last night, despite the constant work dreams, and then napped this afternoon.

Things are going well. Due to K's concern and the raising of the lithium last month, we have another psychiatrist appointment scheduled for Monday afternoon. It's very unusual for her to have another appointment in a month. She's been on the three month cycle for some time. But it's fine. We don't mind seeing him. He's entertaining and seems to enjoy the appointments as well. Fortunately, K's mood is vastly improved on the higher dose of lithium. I guess she started metabolizing it faster due to the working out, but at least the problem appears to be solved in the short-run.

My mood in regards to K is fine. What continues to take its toll is my job. I have begun taking some concrete steps to find something new. Or I've begun thinking through the steps. I know what my weak areas are; lack of management experience is the glaring one. But with some luck, I'll be able to get a position that can help me fill in that gap. I could also use some more project management technical experience, but that will probably come through one of the these other positions. We'll see. Any move will take a long time to set up for a number of reasons. I guess what I ought to do is pull my resume in order, so I can look for jobs outside my organization as well.

Nothing else. K's been wonderful about my job. She's not put any pressure on me about my hours or stress. That's good. Previously, she's always been against me taking something that would have longer hours or greater stress. But her health is good enough that she no longer depends on me to do things. Also, the car stays at home, so she has access to the car even if I'm at the office. She likes knowing it's there, even if she doesn't choose to use it.

That's the quick update. Things are good. K is with her family right now bonding with the niece. That's also good.


At 1:25 AM, Blogger Crazy In Shreveport said...

How is the job situation? I just thought of suggesting the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to you. It's been a god send to my family. But then I'm not sure if same sex partnerships are covered. Damn it when is America going to grow up? The good thing about FMLA is that it allows you to take time off for whatever reason (up to 6 weeks in a year) and when you care for someone with an illness like bipolar disorder --- that's a very good thing. Stretched out taking one day a week I guess it's possible to work a full time job and only be there four days a week.


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