The dog and I are curled up in the sunshine. It's cold and windy out, but the sunshine is nice and warm. Today's my day off, and I'm home after I had my 2nd CT scan to look for liver problems. Unformatted, I fear that this new scan isn't going to give very good information.

First, I'm a wimpy patient and have a tendency to whine about things. This scan requires about 500 ml, maybe a bit less, to be shot through an IV into your arm in the span of 20 seconds. The pain and burning were incredible. I forgot that I was supposed to be holding my breath and staying still. Instead I was writhing on the platform and clutching my hair with the hand without the IV. Not a pretty sight. I'm hoping that they got enough information, so we don't have to go to the liver biopsy stage.

K is off to even colder places to take care of the baby niece for the weekend. Her sister had her gall bladder removed and K offered to come out for the weekend and help. As I've posted earlier, this is K's first trip alone to her family since she moved out here 6.5 years ago. I am left home alone, which I've been eager anticipating.

I'm not anticipating it because I want to do things without K, but rather I would just like to have the space to myself for a while. Today is somewhat busy, but I didn't' schedule anything for myself tomorrow. I'm hoping that once I get past this lethargy that I'll be able to do some work around the house either organization or start working on fixing our entry way, which looks awful.

Basement is still not finished, as it still leaks. But the windows were installed last weekend. First time since we've lived here (7 years) that there are windows in all five openings down there. Hard to believe, isn't it? New windows look great, but I still hate contractors.

Over the past month, but really in the past week, I've started to confront the realization that I need to find another job. I'm treated well, but my organization is turning into a ghost town. The entire senior management chain is ready to leave and this situation is starting to look bleak, even though my job is fine. It seems like it is time to move on. Another thing on my to do list is to update my resume and then I can start sending it to some colleagues for feedback. I'm thinking about the possibility of switching sectors from public to private or non-profit. Though, I would like to stay in the public sector. I'm trying not to be swayed by the money, despite its temptations. I'm finally starting to clearly think it through, though I don't know where I'll end up.


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