Things have been quiet and good, since K recovered from the abscessed tooth. Actually, to be technically accurate, she didn't recover from the tooth, rather the infection. The tooth is scheduled for a root canal this evening.

I'm making an effort to go to the gym. I've gone three days out of four, since last Saturday. I'm hoping that the exercise will improve my mood. K is also making an effort not to upset me. For example, when she sends an e-mail detailing the idiocies of her new management, she starts is by stating that she isn't upset. That helps me keep my initial reaction of fear under control.

The biggest change in K is she's happy. For a while, she was repressing it. Her theory was that if she's happy about work then it will be that much more difficult if things go badly and she doesn't get this permanent job. However, her therapist said that while K may believe that moderating her emotions will help cushion the fall, it doesn't. K should be happy now, because if a fall comes, it will hurt just as badly if she doesn't allow herself to be happy, as it will if she does. The information has given K permission to enjoy her happiness, and it is wonderful to see it.

I'm doing pretty well. I'm wondering a bit if my emotional ups and downs may be tied to PMS. It's a bit early, but it isn't out of the question. A thought.

I'm optimistic that the root canal will go well and K will return to the office tomorrow.


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