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Should I be disturbed that one of the search strings used to find me was "mold smell in surburban vehicle"?

I can understand the "blind without my glasses or my contacts", but the mold smell I found baffling. Especially baffling, when I was 4th on the list. It amazes me how google searches things out.


At 2:56 PM, Blogger joney said...

The search engine thing is always funny.

I wanted to say thank you for posting your experiences where others can read them. I am bipolar (diagnosed a year ago) and I have sent your link to my boyfriend. I see alot of me in your partner and reading it here makes me more aware of my behaviour. I cry alot when I read how it affects you (knowing it affects those around me the same way) and that helps me to try harder not to be so hard on those around me.

Again thank you,

At 1:01 PM, Blogger synergy said...


Thanks for your remarks; I'm happy that my blog is helping you better understand the impact of the disease on others.

I write for two reasons. The first is primarily I write to keep my own sanity as I go through this. I keep hoping that we'll stabilize and we have in many ways, but life keeps getting in the way. Second, that others (both sufferers of bipolar and partners/spouses) know that someone else is having similar experiences.

The toast that K and I have been using lately is "survival".


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