Psychiatrist Update

It was a nice, bland visit to the psychiatrist. Regrettably, K had received some bad news at the office several hours prior to the visit, so she had downed a xanax to keep herself under control. But, she was in full control and not overly emotional throughout the visit.

He's very happy with her progress and continues to pronounce her in full remission. No changes to the med routine and another three months until the next visit. I can't imagine anything better when you're bipolar than a positive visit to the psychiatrist. Okay, perhaps that's a bit of an overstatement, but still. . .

K's job situation is getting her a bit down. There's some discussion about eliminating her position, but she won't lose her job. Rather she'll be put into limbo. Nothing definite as of yet, but she hates the not knowing what's coming next.


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