Daily Life Continues

The good news is that everything is normal. Today is K's first day in the office for the week, which isn't the greatest. But, she worked from home the past two days, so she didn't lose all of the hours.

Her improvements are noticable. Monday & Tuesday, she woke up at 4 am and was heading towards a rage state, so out came the xanax. That knocked her out and made it impossible for her to get up at 6 am. The change is that waking in that state destroyed part of her morning, but not the entire day. She was able to get up and function after the xanax wore off. A month or two ago, it wouldn't have been possible.

It is by remembering and chronicling these little changes and improvements that we are able to track progress. At least every couple days, we say "remember what it was like 6, 9, 12 months ago, and how far we've come." It keeps our focus on the progress rather than the frustration that she can't do everything yet.

Another contractor came through today to examine our dirt floor and nasty ceiling in the basement. I'm baffled about what to do. Neither guy has given us prices yet, but they have given us profoundly different timelines, 1 months vs. 2-6 months. Prices will be forthcoming. I feel helpless, since I don't know much about this whole thing at all.

K is dreading the disruption in the house. It sets her on edge. We've discovered that she can give specific direction to those close to her, but contractors intimidate her. I'm trying to handle more of the contractor interaction and relieve her from that extra stress. Next week, we have the first guy coming through to quote us on central air. I'm hoping that we won't upset the delicate balance by pushing forward too quickly with the renovations.


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