I have a level of exhaustion that I can't seem to shake. K and I both stayed home yesterday and slept. But even though I rose at noon, I still felt drained throughout the day. I'm at work today, but I still feel fuzzy headed and unable to concentrate on my work. I want to put it down to "that time of the month", but in the back of my brain, I feel that I'm making an excuse for how I feel.

K's probably feeling even worse than I do. She stayed home again today to sleep.

I don't have an explanation. I spent a lot of time over the Thanksgiving weekend running around with my mother. By Sunday, I was tired and we dragged ourselves off to see Pride and Prejudice I highly recommend the movie.

The basement is nearing completion and only requires a few more hours of work. But every interaction with the contractors is draining. We hate having them in the house and we hate having to go over the work and comment on it. I was ready for them to be gone months ago.

End result, I'm tired and sleep doesn't seem to be taking the edge off the exhaustion. And the next few weeks are packed with activities that we can't avoid.


At 5:34 PM, Blogger broke said...

Exhaustion is awful. Take care of yourselves. I know I'm very vulnerable when tired, but knowing that and making allowances for myself - being kind to myself - can help.

At 9:01 AM, Blogger synergy said...


Thanks for your comments. You were on target. Actually I do have a post to write regarding exhaustion and the latest from K's pyschiatrist. She's going through another round of not being able to get up and go to work due to her exhaustion levels and her mental battles with herself.

I'm trying to behave better when she becomes exhausted as well, but it's difficult.



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