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Sorry that I haven't been more communicative of late. Between house projects, colds, and visitors, it has made it difficult to keep up with my blog. But I did want to share some excellent news.

After 11 months of uncertainty and agony over the state of K's job and career, she was told today that the temporary assignment that she's been working on will be made permanent. The paperwork is already in process.

This news brings us relief from the underlying tension that we've been suffering from and the overt tension that struck me over the summer. During the summer, I felt immobilized from fear of what would happen if K would lose her job. Not only the negative impact to K, but my general concern over our finances and how we would continue to afford our lifestyle. Through K's patience and her therapist, I managed to lower my anxiety and trust that K was healthy enough to withstand any blows.

K was right to convince me of her health. She's withstood the uncertainty and the poor treatment in her office to triumph and come through with a permanent job. She's done this without even coming close to a relapse. Most importantly, she's found a work group, whom she likes and who like her in return. Now, if she chooses to look for another job, she'll have the luxury of doing so at her own pace.

Other news, our basement home project is moving forward again. This time it's moving at a very rapid pace. Unfortunately, it appears that we have to rip out the kitchen floor and the bathtub to put in new flooring before the basement can be fully completed. Not what I accounted for either mentally or financially, but we will discuss it more tonight to get some cost and time estimate.

I'll write more in a day or so, but right now I want to savor K's success.


At 7:13 AM, Blogger blondzila said...

good to hear.

Now what about YOUR doctor's visit?


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