Productive, but tired

K is finally feeling better after her bout of illness over the past two weeks. What we are continuing to fight now is the chaos in our household, but progress is being made!

I've been painting the dining room as quickly as possible, so it will be finished before we leave for Christmas this upcoming Saturday. I/We finished yesterday afternoon. K felt up to helping me finish off the trim, which was great. She was able to complete the room, while I attended a reception. I like how we are able to work together to get things done, when she's up for it.

The dining room is completed and we gave away the dining room table yesterday. We are like normal people again with a single dining room table. This table is the one that was being refinished in the living room for way too long. What were we thinking to allow someone to refinish furniture in the middle of our living room? Not a good idea. It looks great, but never again will we agree to let someone work on a piece in our own house.

The chaos on the first floor is beginning to subside, but the basement remains chaotic. We've made jokes about the workers possibly living down there. The frightening thing is that I believe one of them may have slept there Saturday night. I glimpsed him leaving around 10 am with a large heavy coat, in addition to the one he had on.

The even stranger part is that I wasn't particularly bothered by it, other than to point out to K that we need to have all the locks changed when the workers complete the basement. It isn't possible for anyone in the basement to get upstairs and when we are gone for Christmas, it will mean someone will be around to keep an eye on the house. I'm not trying to encourage it, but I'm not going to do anything to find out if he actually is living in our basement. This may not be a "normal" attitude, but I don't feel like stressing.

Bipolar disorder has not raised its ugly head of late. Another PMS cycle has been successfully beaten back by the use of Paxil. That solution has worked wonders on K's mood for the week when I have PMS.

We remain in constant awe of her diagnosis of full remission. It's an almost immeasurable distance from where we were for last year's holiday season.

Busy week ahead getting ready to go out of town again, but it will be good to see the families. Also a relief to know that K is up to the trip and able to handle the emotions of spending time with her family without it sending her spinning. That's the best holiday gift.


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