Intenstinal Aliens from Mexico

K and I went to see her internist yesterday afternoon, even though K was starting to feel better. As usual, we had a lengthy visit with the resident before the internist came to see her. K's internist is a wonderful woman with an amazing bedside manner. She's makes you feel that you are the only thing on her mind.

During three of K's four hospitalizations (2 for heart disease and 2 for bipolar disorder), this woman came daily to check on K and acted as K's advocate when necessary. She didn't come during the fourth hospitalization, as I didn't notify her that K was hospitalized. I received a talking to in addition to her direct office number after she learned what had happened. I'll stop fawning over K's internist.

The ultimate diagnoses was they believe K picked up some bacteria, possibly when she had a diet coke in the airport. The ice may not have been made from filtered water. Now, they'll check it out. The good news is that the dizziness and inability to read is likely due to K's minimal food intake for the past week. K's only eaten one or two ladle-fulls of soup each day. Last night though, K went out and devoured a giant roast beef and blue cheese sandwich with no ill effects.

The internist and the resident both were very excited by K's report that Dr. X has put her bipolar disorder down as full remission. It made me realize what a significant milestone that is and how it is the perfect holiday gift.

K's doing better physically and mentally. She's back on the Paxil again to attempt to forestall the effects of PMS. We also have been battling with contractors over the basement, a battle, which is drawing to a close to everyone's mutual satisfaction. I'm not sure we won, but we're reached an agreement that will be more expensive, but less stressful.

Last note, I found another excellent diversion blog, Symbiotic Fishes. If you enjoy Dooce, check out this guy.


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