Drywall in the Dining Room

Even I, who am rarely irritated by things, am becoming tired of the disruption and chaos throughout the house. K became tired of it some time ago. Even the dog refuses to spend time on the first floor, she races back upstairs to sleep undisturbed.

The amazing part of this all is that K is managing to get through the construction without ill effects from bipolar disorder. Even her sleep patterns haven't been unusually disrupted. I view her stability as a major achievement for her and as an indication that the medications are doing their job.

K has also weathered this month's PMS with flying colors. Last month, after two months of almost psychotic levels of PMS, her psychiatrist put her on Paxil XR (CR?). She is only to take it once PMS symptoms begin and quit once PMS is over. It appeared to ease the symptoms last month, although she was several days into PMS when she began taking it. This month she started well in advance of my period, almost before I had any signs of PMS. But no sleep disruptions or bouts of rage this month.

I can't begin to describe my relief as I see the medications being effective. We went through hell for so long with meds doing nothing (this was prior to the bipolar diagnoses) that seeing effective results is enough to make me cry. I'm beginning to trust that things are good and my world won't shift out from under me at a moment's notice.


At 9:01 PM, Blogger moodymicello said...

What good news that the medications seem to be working. I have only been blogging for a short time. When was K's diagnosis for bipolar? I will pray her meds stay keeping her stable. That really is the trick. Michele

At 8:58 AM, Blogger synergy said...

K's diagnoses of bipolar came in September 2003. However, it was precipitated by months of depression following a heart attack, which occurred on New Year's 2003. Months went by as she battled the depression and the psychiatrist tried a variety of anti-depressant cocktails, which didn't work. Finally, the doctor made the diagnoses of bipolar disorder based on her reactions to the anti-depressants.

Even after the initial diagnoses, she didn’t get on the med mix until November 2003. Now that past year has been spent trying to get her and us back to normal and stable life. The house construction is unbelievably disruptive, yet she is doing great. That’s what makes me happy and confident that the meds are doing their job.

At 10:44 PM, Blogger moodymicello said...

I note it's taken roughly a year to stabilize meds. That really is excellent. I fought for years to come up with a medication regime that works and still have my occasional swing when we have to vary them. I am so happy for both of you. Noting the time of your comment we must live in roughly the same time zone. I am in Texas. and you? It is strange that K is tolerating the "disarray" of the house through so much reconstruction. Perhaps you will need some of her meds before it is all over. haha Michele


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