Bipolar Support Groups

Surfing the 'net this afternoon, I found BPSO, you can see the link to the right. The acronym stands for Bipolar Significant Other. They appear to have a good list of resources and a e-mail list to support the significant others of those with bipolar disorder. This is one of the first serious resources I've found.

Now, I'm trying to decide if I want to join the e-mail list or not. Part of my decision is whether I want to open myself up to hearing about other people's heartrending stories. My story is going well and even though it requires constant work, K & I don't go through daily crises.

I haven't decided yet about the e-mail list. On one hand, the support and information would be very valuable. I'll probably talk to K about the whole thing before making any decisions. But I did want to put out the information for others to use.


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